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The first impression is unrepeatable. That’s why it’s important that our smile is as beautiful as possible. In 2019, aesthetic dentistry offers many professional options for making your teeth more beautiful. But what makes your smile self-conscious? Digital Smile Design helps you discover your best individual smile, and with its help you can check the final result before treatment.

What is the digital smile design?

At Evergreen Dental, every aesthetic dental treatment is thoroughly planned in advance. We can be supported by a special medical software, which allows an accurate visualization of the final result, so your renewed smile. Of course, beauty and health go hand in hand, so not only the change in aesthetics, but also the changes in the health of the teeth is predictable. Another big achievement of digital smile design is that you, as a patient, can actively participate in the planning process. This means that you can adjust your treatment outcome with your dentist according to your ideas, so that your dream smile can be realized.

What advantages does digital smile planning have?

  • Predictable results. With the help of the digital smile design, you can check the expected final result before the treatment to ensure that your renewed smile meets your expectations. During the planning you will not only be confronted with the aesthetic, but also with the functional changes.
  • More efficient collaboration between dentist and dental technician. Smile planning makes the consultation between the dentist and the dental technician faster and more successful. The measurements become even more accurate, making the aesthetic, rehabilitation and orthodontic treatments more efficient and the planning and execution of the dental work even more successful.
  • An end result that fits your personality. In digital smile design, we not only consider the position and condition of your teeth, but also your facial shape, the characteristics of your facial expression. So your renewed smile creates a natural and harmonious overall effect.

What exactly happens during digital smile planning?

  • Consultation. Our dentist colleague estimates your expectations and demands during a preliminary examination and reveals the problems to be solved. The ideal tooth shapes are determined.
  • Take a panoramic X-ray or 3D CT scan. After a detailed discussion of your expectations, we make diagnostics of your jaw, so that we can get to know your individual circumstances and facial forms and  the characterizing smile. Another important function of the imaging is to uncover any potential irregularities or disturbing anatomic factors that would otherwise not come to light.
  • Create photo documentation. The dentist takes photographs from certain angles, these are transmitted to the dental laboratory
  • Smile planning. Based on the consultation and the photographs, the dental technician plans the tooth shapes, the position of the teeth, their length and color.
  • Wax-up modeling. The lab will create a wax model of future teeth based on information from the dentist.
  • Mock-up – Test Drive. In the dental office the prototype is used. The dentist makes a silicone template of the wax-up wax model. With this template, the teeth are inserted in the patient’s mouth with a special composite material. Here the patient sees what the teeth will look like in the future. It can be determined if it harmonizes with the face. Also, the patient sees possible anatomical limits, so what is really feasible.
  • Photo documentation with mock-up. With the model in the mouth, photographs are taken from certain angles, from the front and from both sides. These photos can be compared to the original photos and these are also given to the patient.
  • Preparation of the treatment plan. After smile planning, your dentist will prepare a detailed treatment plan that will document the progression, both in terms of treatment duration and cost. Unpleasant surprises can be fully avoided this way.
  • Treatments. After you have accepted our offer, the treatments can begin. In the interests of your new smile and in the interest of restoring your dental health, you can perform a variety of aesthetic procedures, from whitening the teeth, adjusting the teeth, to putting on ceramic bowls. 

Important: contrary to the often previous assumption the smile planning is not a photo gallery, but a visualization method. It brings the patient closer to the final solution. What you get with the Digital Smile design is a before-and-after comparison, using the wax model.

To whom do our dentists recommend smile planning?

  • Any patient in need of more extensive dental treatment, as in such cases your smile will change in any case, thanks to thorough planning, of course, only in the positive direction.
  • We strongly recommend smile planning before major aesthetic dental procedures.
  • Before job interviews or before a public appearance, when time, instead of complex interventions, only goes for cosmetic changes.
  • For anyone who wants to get an accurate picture of what the outcome of a dental treatment will look like (for example, when adjusting the teeth, placing veneers, etc.) and not just visualizing it, but also visualizing it.
  • If you want to plan the famous Hollywood smile for yourself.

If you have any further questions regarding digital smile planning, feel free to contact us or make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. Click here for the contact form.

Digital smile planning: the advantages summarized

  • digital analysis of tooth structure and facial symmetry
  • predictable, perfect results without unpleasant surprises
  • best possible coordination of dentist, dental technician and patient
  • preview and test the new look with a removable prototype (mock-up)
  • possibility of timely correction and active participation
  • tooth beautification to match your face characteristics
  • completely painless procedure without invasion

How long does smile planning take?

The DSD procedure is a complex planning, which also involves the dental laboratory. Included are documentation, planning as well as modeling by our dental laboratory. However, you do not have to stay in our clinic during this entire time: it is sufficient if you are with us for the preliminary examination (duration about 1.5 hours) and for the presentation of the prototypes (duration about 60 minutes).

As part of our digital smile design package, you will be coming to Budapest for four days (three nights) and get the complete smile planning, as described above. The package costs $550 and includes besides the preliminary examination for $219 two more nights and the complete smile planning.

Without travel organization the smile planning costs $219.

Evergreen Dental – Digital Smile Planning:

Specialist in aesthetic solutions

We strive to bring you a smile of anticipation in the face even before the beginning of dental procedures – that’s why we offer you the effective method of “Smile Preview” using Digital Smile Design. Thanks to DSD, our patients can already see during their preparations how their new smile will look after treatment. We want to make it easier for you to decide for or against definitive treatment and avoid surprises.

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