Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic solutions have become top priority in dentistry lately as latest technologies allow high-end quality teeth looking perfectly like the originals. Full ceramic crowns, digital smile design have become state of the art treatments available at a fair price. We talk about aesthetic dentistry mainly when the look or the shape of the teeth has to be corrected.   

Porcelain fused to metal – $283
Zirconia – $441
e.Max full porcelain – $441
e.Max porcelain veneer – $373
Inlay – $328

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Dental crowns and bridges

In case a tooth is extensively damaged or crooked but other than that the root is good, there is no inflammation and therefore can be kept then the tooth is being covered by a dental root canal crown. A tooth crown protects the tooth and solves the functional and aesthetic problems. With crowns and bridges we can imitate the real teeth perfectly so that even experienced eyes might not see the difference between original and fake. Crowns and bridges are mainly made out of ceramic fused to metal or of full ceramic.

If natural teeth are used for a bridge then those are being prepared (grinded down) in order to be able to carry the bridge.

A crown can be fixed on an implant also if the tooth does not exist any more or the damage is so extensive that it has to be removed and replaced. In this case we talk about an implant crown.

We talk about a dental bridge if one or more gaps are treated with a prosthetic solution instead of placing an implant. A bridge consists always of at least three parts and tides over the gap by being attached on the two neighboring teeth that are the pillars or on two or more implants having the same function. Then we talk about a dental implant bridge 

The elements of a bridge are also crowns and almost all crowns and bridges made of metal with ceramic lining or of full ceramic (Zirconia ceramic).


IPS e.Max Vollkeramikveneer
Dreigliedrige Zikronbrücke

The following types of crowns and bridges are the most common:

Porcelain fused to metal crown: these crowns have a metal frame and a ceramic lining on the surface. With the ceramic the anatomical effect is being created. These crowns are inexpensive and still they allow a very good stability and aesthetics. Both function and look are very good therefore it is the most chosen crown type. Much is depending on the ceramic master in the dental lab applying the ceramic lining as he/she will determine the final look and if the work is being done thoroughly the result can be a full anatomic tooth looking exactly like a natural tooth. Also the material used is of high importance therefore always make sure the best material is used for your dental work.

e.Max full ceramic crown: this metal-free crown type is being pressed of a ceramic block therefore it’s often called pressed-ceramic crown. E.Max crowns are very resistant and look just like natural teeth, are usually used in front region where the aesthetics has a major role.

Zirconia crown: just like full ceramic crowns Zirconia crowns are also completely metal-free, are extremely resistant and can withstand even the strongest chewing power are therefore often used in back region for the replacement of molars where the pressure is the highest. Also Zirconia is perfect for strong, durable, high-aesthetic bridges. It is being produced with the so called CAD/CAM method (computer-aided-design / computer-aided-manufacture) meaning that the crowns and bridges are being planned digitally and individually and also the production is steered by a computer. The teeth are individually being routed out of a Zirconia block then anatomically lined with ceramic.

All the usual steps to your new crown (5-8 working days):

  1. Drawing up the treatment plan based on X-ray and physical check-up.
  2. Preparation of the tooth and application of short-term temporary crown.
  3. Different probes in all the creation stages of the crown checking shape, fitting, color, etc.)
  4. Finalization of the dental crown either cemented or screwed depending on the anatomic situation.

How much does a dental crown cost?

A porcelain fused to metal costs $283, Zirconia crowns and e.Max ceramic crowns cost $396. Same with dental bridges, a fixed dental bridge of 3 units of porcelain fused to metal costs $848, Zirconia bridge costs $1,187. 

How long does a dental bridge last?

Well-made high quality dental crowns and bridges should last for 15-20 years or longer, however a lot depends on the patient, how he/she maintains the dental bridge or crown. Proper hygienic cleanings are necessary both on a regular basis at home and also performed at least every year by a specialist. 


Veneers can correct the look of the teeth aesthetically so they belong into the category cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. These filmy, individual ceramic shells are being applied on the surface of teeth. This process is minimal-invasive as only the outside surface of the tooth, the enamel is being removed. Enamel can reproduce itself therefore no final damage is added to the tooth. Also there is no drilling when applying them they are being glued. Thanks to the used material (porcelain) veneers last long and are very resistant. Many optical disorders can be solved with it.

Which beauty flaws can be covered with direct veneers?

  • Tooth shape problems
  • Gaps
  • Tooth cracks
  • Dis-colorization
  • Tooth edge fractures
  • Inclined teeth

The advantages:

  • Minimal invasive without any risk
  • Metal-free
  • Don’t discolor
  • Are robust and scratch-proof
  • Appear like real teeth
  • Are long-lasting
Veneer aus Vollkeramik
Wunderschönes Hollywood-Lächeln mit All-on-4

Teeth whitening

Did you know that others’ general image of us is highly influenced by our smile and the state of our teeth?

According to a study, during first meetings we notice the smile and teeth of others 78% of the time.

Are you not satisfied with the color of your teeth? Do you want whiter teeth? We can make your teeth more attractive through professional teeth whitening.

There are two possible ways to do this: whitening at home with a teeth whitening kit from the dentist or to receive a professional dental whitening at the dentist office. At our clinic you may choose either option and we help you find the most appropriate solution for you.

Invisalign unsichtbares Zahnspangensystem

Before both teeth whitening methods however, it is worth to tidy up the state of your teeth. Usually it is enough to attend a professional tooth cleaning, tartar removal and salt polishing. However some teeth may require treatment before the whitening.

Consuming foods and drink containing lots of coloring agents (coffee, tea, coke, alcohol) or smoking advances the return of the original tooth color. Therefore, choose whichever method you wish, aftercare is necessary for a prolonged success.

At Evergreen Dental we use the most advanced LED whitening lamp allowing a brightening of up to 8-9 shades in one session.

Teeth whitening prices at Evergreen Dental are $170 for one or $283 for both jaws. Custom made teeth whitening mould trays with teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide gele costs $396.

Digital Smile Design

Let us create your perfect smile!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the end result before you even start your treatment?  Now you can see your beautiful smile in a day! With Digital Smile Design we are able to show you before the treatment how your perfect smile will look like after you completed your treatment. This exciting, innovative technique assists the dentist, the technician and the patient to achieve the Hollywood smile: the initial dental status can be analyzed, treatment alternatives can be planned and the outcome can be looked at and changed beforehand. This way the patient can directly influence the shape, colour and position of the teeth. It’s a bit like test driving a new car that you helped to design.

Wunderschönes Lächeln

First impressions really count and there is nothing that makes a better impression than a perfect smile.  Aesthetic, even teeth that fit the face and the mouth give an attractive natural look.  People often suffer from discoloured teeth due to the side-effect of medications or lifestyle choices, and it makes them feel self-conscious.   Having crooked, broken or decayed teeth or gaps between teeth can also negatively impact one’s self-esteem.  Before one makes a decision regarding the dental treatment, we can show the possible solutions on pictures and on wax-up models, so one can find the perfect smile that reflects his/her personality.  This way everything is predictable and nothing is left to chance. 

What’s behind it?

The way to your new beautiful smile is easier than you think; using a digital smile design planning and presenting software, your dentist can make your bespoke treatment plan in a more complex way than ever before.  They can check what overall tooth layout, which tooth shapes and what positions fit perfectly to the shape of your face before an aesthetic treatment takes place and everything can be adjusted during the planning phase.

In order to achieve perfectly aesthetic teeth, gum, lips, cheeks, face shape, eye position and jaw angles must be in harmony.  Based on photos, digital data and composite models the desired end result can be simulated.  Afterwards, you will know exactly what type of treatment will be the one for you. It might be fairly simple to achieve or it might require a series of complex processes and procedures using veneers, crowns, bridges or implants as well as aligners or micro-surgical gum corrections, depending on the result of the digital smile design. Digital smile design will show you how you get the perfect smile in Budapest.

The advantages in summary:

  • Digital analysis of dental status and face symmetry
  • Predictable, perfect results without unpleasant surprises
  • Best possible coordination for patient, dentist and dental lab
  • Preview and testing of the new optics with a removable prototype (mock-up)
  • The possibility of making adjustments and active co-designing
  • Tooth beautification, matching your face and personality
  • Completely painless as it’s non-invasive


Are you not satisfied with the way your teeth look, but you would rather not wear obtrusive braces? The specialists at Evergreen Dental know the solution! There aren’t many Hungarian clinics that have access to the original, premium quality Invisalign invisible aligners. Evergreen Dental is one of the few exceptions as we always offer the latest and proven best techniques. Hence we use only the highest quality materials and systems like Invisalign. Evergreen Dental is the Hungarian reference clinic of Invisalign in Budapest

Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic device made with a unique three dimensional technology.

Before the treatment, our specialist makes an imprint of your upper and lower teeth and makes the necessary panoramic and teleradiography scans. After thoroughly studying and comparing these with each other, we make the treatment plan with the help of special planning software. Using this program, we can design and see the end result in advance. Depending on the complexity of the state of the teeth, we create a varying number of transparent plastic rails for the upper and lower dental arch. This invisible device has to be changed regularly – usually every 2 weeks – for the next one. This way we achieve the desired result in a gradual and gentle way. As simple as the Invisalign device may seem, most dental irregularities (e.g. crowded teeth, open bite, cross-bite, etc.) can be treated with it.

Why choose the invisible Invisalign aligners?

  • Using the computer software, we can show the desired end result in advance.
  • The outcome can be planned completely, step-by-step.
  • The plastic rails are effectively transparent, therefore it is nigh impossible to notice them while worn.
  • Much more hygienic and easier to clean than a traditional glued device.
  • The expected outcome can be achieved faster, than with a traditional fixed device.
  • It has no metallic parts that could poke or hurt the gums or lips.
  • It is so comfortable, that after some time our patients don’t even notice the device in their mouth.
  • It can be removed from the teeth any time.
  • 5 years of guarantee after the treatment. In case you are not satisfied with the result you get further aligners without additional costs for as long as you are not happy.

The Steps of a full Invisalign treatment:

  • Send us a picture of your teeth – our specialists will check whether you are suitable for Invisalign
  • Consultation + preparation: during this first visit we make special X-rays, pictures and take impression
  • Planning: a digital plan is sent to you presenting the movement of your teeth and the number of aligners needed.
  • Production: during your second physical visit the necessary clinches (dots of aesthetic filling material stabilizing the aligners) are applied and the aligners are handed over.
  • Control: we make a quick control during app. At halftime of the treatment.
  • Final treatment: after the last aligner a final visit is needed when the clinches are removed and a stabilizing retainer is being made.
Invisalign Alligner

The Invisalign invisible aligners system has a number of other advantages as well and is often used when a combined treatment of dental implants and braces is needed. Get all the information at Evergreen about Invisalign in Budapest.

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Everything about DSD

Everything about DSD

What makes your smile self-conscious? Digital Smile Design helps you discover your best individual smile, and with its help you can check the final result before treatment.

Veneers – the Hollywood Smile

Veneers – the Hollywood Smile

Porcelain and composite veneers are particularly successful nowadays, because only a very small amount of tooth enamel is removed, the teeth do not have to get a crown immediately, in addition, veneers are very beautiful and durable.

Teeth whitening but in a smart way

Teeth whitening but in a smart way

All those who have already tried whitening the teeth know that even the improvement by a few shades can make a very positive change for a person.