Dental consultation package for 199 €

Our popular dental consultation package is an easy and convenient way to get to know Evergreen Dental before deciding for a dental treatment. It includes everything, the flight booking, the hotel reservation, the pick up from the airport and the transfers between hotel and clinic. Our travel department makes sure everything is perfectly organized all you have to do is to tell us:

  • From where would you like to travel?
  • When would you like to travel?
Terminal am Budapester Flughafen

What’s the process of the dental consultation package?

  • Sign up and advise us of your departure airport and preferred timescales
  • Wait for the flight proposals we will send you and pick the one that suits you best
  • Let Evergreen Dental organise everything
  • Get on the plane with the boarding pass we send to you
  • Meet our colleague at arrivals in Budapest
  • Our driver will take you to your hotel
  • Our driver will drive you from your hotel to the clinic for your appointment
  • Get your check-up, discuss your options and receive a written quote
  • Either start the treatment right away and get the check-up fee reimbursed
  • Or come back later for the treatment

How much is a dentist consultation?

Evergreen Dental offers a free dental consultation including the X-ray and a very detailed (app. 1 hour) consultation with one of our specialists who takes the time to show and explain the situation to you, to present every solution possibility and to answer all your questions. Further our patient coordinators will make sure you have a pleasant stay at Evergreen and you don’t leave without having the perfect overview. 

The travel package as described above only costs $219 and includes all travel services plus the free dental consultation. If you are facing a rather large dental treatment the free consultation is the perfect step to take beforehand to learn about every possibility you have and to get familiar with the clinic, the dentists, the staff and the organization. You can then either start your treatment or return at a later time.    

If you have a dental problem you shouldn’t hesitate. Get in touch with us and come for a convenient and unbinding dental consultation.

Our dental consultation package is a very popular and convenient way to get to know Evergreen Dental and receive a quote without obligations. And all that for just 199 €!  The dental consultation package includes the following services:

  • Flight both ways (up to 130 €)
  • One night stay in a 4* hotel
  • Airport pick-up
  • Transfers between hotel and clinic
  • Digital panoramic X-ray
  • Detailed consultation
  • Precise estimates for all treatment options

You can book the dental consultation package over a weekend!


So, you are in Budapest and the dental consultation met your expectations.  You decide that you would like to start straight away with the dental treatment so finally, you can forget about those dental issues… No problem!  We are here to help and support you and you can save money at the same time!  Start your treatment within two weeks of your dental consultation and we reimburse the price of the dental consultation package*.

Would I not need to stay longer in Budapest?

Most of the treatments either start with a preparation (for instance extractions) or a surgical treatment (implantation, bone augmentation or sinus lift) or a planning and impression taking (Invisalign).  If you plan for an additional night, these treatments can be done right away and you are one big step closer to your new smile.  If there is more dental work to be done then the preparations and first steps can already be taken (taking impression, teeth preparation) and you only have to return for a few days to get the work finished.

* Valid if the treatment costs are minimum $2,205.