How it works?

Our guide to your new smile! ?

If you are interested in a dental treatment in Budapest naturally a lot of questions arise. What’s the overall process? How do I get there? How long will it take me? Isn’t this too complicated? 

With our guide below you can easily check the whole process step by step on the way to your new smile.


Get in touch!

Get in touch with one of our professional and friendly customer care consultants.


Get advice!

Our customer care consultant will explain the process and answer all your questions.


Get an estimate!

If you have an X-ray, CT scan or a treatment plan we can give you an estimate within 24 hours on work days.


Consultation arrangement

Come for a physical check-up to Budapest and have all possible treatment plans drawn up and explained. Our travel department gladly arranges the whole trip if you book our popular consultation package.


Physical check-up

Meet our friendly staff and dentist team and discuss all treatment-related and organizational issues without any further obligations.



Either stay or come back for the agreed dental treatment. If you come for surgery, please consider 2-4 days for surgery + temporary teeth if needed.


Healing time

After surgery 2-6 months of healing time is necessary before the final teeth can be done. Our team will instruct you in detail.



Get in touch with us again to arrange the second treatment. Again our travel department is happy to assist you or arrange your whole trip.


Final treatment

Come for another 5-10 work days to have your dental work finished.




Follow the instructions with regards to aftercare and control in order to maintain your teeth for a very long time



Congratulations, please don’t forget to smile with your brand new teeth. ?