A new milestone: Evergreen Dental as top recommendation of GCR

What is GCR – Global Clinic Rating?

Global Clinic Rating (GCR) is an international standard for health clinics for patients, for the media and for the clinics themselves.

GCR’s goal is to solve one of the biggest problems in international healthcare: to provide transparency. Most patients still have to guess or trust the gut feeling when it comes to which clinic they should choose. Because even in today’s digital and online time when we are making decisions based on data, most patients still do not know the following when a major medical intervention is imminent:

-Where should I go for treatment?

-Who can I really trust when looking for the best private healthcare solution?

GCR provides simple, transparent “reputation corners” and features from clinics, and hospitals around the world to help patients assess immediately which is the safest, most cost-effective and reliable choice for them, which clinics offer the best value for their money.

It can be said that GCR is the TripAdvisor for medical providers, with nearly 500,000 medical providers worldwide, including nearly 130,000 dental clinics and dentists in their database.

Central and Eastern Europe: Top 100 dental clinics in 2018

Patients from all over the world suffer from various dental problems today. Dental care is very expensive in some countries, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to the dental check-up regularly. Some dental procedures such as dental implants, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, implantation, root canal treatment are financially very demanding for many patients and therefore they opt for dental tourism.

There are many good and affordable dentists in Central and Eastern Europe, so GCR has analyzed this region separately.

According to GCR’s latest analysis of dental clinics in Central and Eastern Europe, Evergreen Dental ranks third among Hungarian clinics (of over 500) and #13 of all dental clinics in Central and Eastern Europe.

On what basis are the dental clinics evaluated?

The dental clinics are always ranked according to their GCR score with other clinics in the same region.

  • The aspects that give the GCR score are the following:
  • The obvious skills and experience
  • Service
  • Facility
  • Patient feedback

The GCR feedback score of the clinics includes validated patient ratings from Google & Facebook and other independent rating providers.